Cruise in Helsinki waters on 25th July, 2020

We will start our cruise at Halkolaituri at 15.30 precise! Our cruise takes about two hours and the ship is called Cannon sloop Diana, which is built like the boats on 1800th century.

Please join us to an adventure and enjoyable experience!

You can finish the cruise either in Suomenlinna or return to the starting point.

On the cruise ship there are quite impressive persons with us: admiral Chapman, who has designed the ship, and his crew and they will ask help in their tasks, so be prepared with appropriate clothing.

You can sign up by sending an e-mail to Mirja. The cost of the cruise is only 25 euros/person and you can pay either when you arrive or beforehand on the account of Keski-Suomen Argillanderit.

There are nice cafeterias and restaurants nearby, for example ravintola Savu or Café Lov or Johan&Nyström.

Be there well beforehand and if you arrive by car, prepare yourself to a search for a parking spot.

If you would like to save in postal costs, you can order from our shop and put in the free field the information that you would collect the items from the cruise.