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The Argillander Family Association ”the Argillanders of Central Finland” was established in 1978 in Pihtipudas.

The members are descendants of Israel Israelsson Argillander (1713-1779). He was first a Drummer at the age of 14 and then a Corporal  in the Swedish army. Finland belonged to Sweden until 1809.

Israel Argillander’s father, also a soldier, died in the Battle of Storkyro (Napo, Napue) on February 19, 1714. Israel’s grandfather, Israel Erici Argillander (died in 1691) was the Vicar in Saarijärvi.

Israel was married to Margareta Wesandra (Kreeta Vesander, c. 1712-1777). They had nine children.  Press here to see the family-table.

Many of the family members have over the years emigrated to other countries, eg Canada, the USA and Sweden.

Family Reunion 

Every third year there’s a Family Reunion. Smaller gatherings are held every summer.

Coat of Arms

Israel Argillander was a drummer as a young boy. The military drum is included in the Coat of Arms.

Members of the Association and their family members have the priviledge to use the Argillander Coat of Arms which you can see on the Home Page. Logo (above) which is a part of the Coat of Arms may also be used by members.  Both files can be downloaded from these pages.


We have a database with more than 7000 descendants of Corporal Israel Argillander. If you are interested in your Finnish roots, please contact us.

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Contact Information

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