family book

Family Book

40 years have passed since the first idea of the family book for Argillander-family. Now finally it is true. More than 1000 pages, divided in two volumes for easier handling. Sorry, that we have not been able to do the work in English but the family tables are easy to figure out and there are lots of pictures.

The first part of the family book is a story about events and circumstances our family has faced over the years. Second part is for the detailed family tables through which you can discover how the connections are between each member.

The books are ready and first copies arrived to their destination 4th April 2018.

If you are interested in having your own copy of the family book, please contact Mervi through e-mail or phone +358 40 1566 824 or if you can fill the form in Finnish, please do so.

If you wish to add or change something, please write to Thank you!




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