Family book won a diploma

Our 40 year’s hard work paid off also on the eyes of distinguished jury: we got a diploma from the Genealogigal Society of Finland! They ranked our book as the family book of the year 2018.

They said that in our book we have everything you can hope for the family book of the year. Everything is packed in so high-class and stylish package. They thanked the skilled layout work and helpful colouring on the border of the pages. Also they mentioned the stories that are interesting for everyone and meritorious references and indexes.

Here is part of the working group with the diploma in the House of Science and Letters on 27th April 2018.  From the left: Seija Argillander, Anne Aurasmaa, Aila Pajunen-Inha and Mervi Kallio. The chairman of the group, Saara Kotamäki was not able attend the ceremony.